Student Accommodation Management – Property Management

Student accommodation ranges from studio apartments to large-scale purpose built multi-room residential developments. OCPM work with closely with our clients to ensure both semester and summer revenues are maximised. The key to success in the management of student accommodation is having a firm tenant management approach combined with the application of property management best practices.

We provide the following services:

Online promotion and advertising
Online booking platform
Assessment and vetting of students
Preparation of tenancy agreements
Managing admissions
Preparation of inventory lists
Collection of security deposits
Collection of rent
Communicating and enforcing House Rules
Registering with Residential Tenancies Board
Dealing with all tenant queries
Arranging repairs in individual units
Arranging repairs in common areas
Cleaning and maintenance of common areas
Managing departures
Conducting final inspections
Arranging refund of deposits
Cleaning and maintenance of units
Preparation of income & expenditure reports

Residential Block Management - Property Management