Investment Management – Consultancy

Property investment is an important part of any wealth creation plan. At OCPM we have considerable experience in identifying suitable properties for capital and pension fund investors. We source, manage and advise on a range of property types including: commercial; Pre ’63’s; apartments; and student accommodation. We also identify the third parties who may be involved in the process including: the lending institution, accountant, solicitor, valuer, and building surveyor.

Our service is divided into four stages:


We meet and discuss your investment and lifestyle goals to determine the type of personal property portfolio strategy that’s right for you.


We will identify the property that best suits your needs. To achieve this goal we will carry out a detailed assessment of the market using our broad range of contacts.


We will negotiate on your behalf to secure the preferred property at the best possible price with minimum transaction fees.


Good management will ensure your property will increase in value over time. We will get the best possible tenants at the highest possible rents with minimum voids.

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